Wednesday, November 29, 2023


I’ve completed my volunteer photography of the new Granite Creek Trail Mural and have concluded my involvement with the project.  Dana Cohn, the Muralist, was a joy to work with and everyone on the project has been great, save one…

Barbara Nelson, the founder & main fundraiser for the Granite Creek Trail Mural.

Unfortunately Barbara has chosen to take a hostile & belligerent attitude towards me.  She’s been making disparaging comments about me behind my back and has tried to undermine my credibility all the while accusing me of doing the exact thing she’s doing.

Do not believe any of Barbara’s comments about me, she’s just an angry person.

Back in July I was working with Barbara to publish a book about the mural.  Barbara’s inability to communicate and lack of knowledge of graphic design or deadlines made it obvious to me that the deadline for the book publication would not be met, among other problematic issues.  Her pushback & combativeness made it clear to me that I had to go.  After all, as an unpaid volunteer, I really don’t need to deal with someone’s ignorance & nastiness for free.  So I left & I shut up.  I did uphold my promise to photograph the mural work-in-progress and did so until its completion in October.

I’ve never said a mean or disparaging word about Barbara or the project although Barbara has accused me of such.  It is Barbara who is bad-mouthing me.  Do not believe her.

In every creative endeavor there’s inevitable conflict.  Usually this resolves itself because we’re all on the same team, with the same goals.  But Barbara seems to operate from a position of negativity & there’s nothing I can do about that.  Although I bear no animosity towards Barbara I am hurt and disturbed by her words.  I will not work with her again in the future, but if you should hear anything about me from her, please consider the source and consider her words in the light of this information.

Thank you.  I wish I didn't have to write this.